Pathfinder Healing Practices

What to Expect

pathfinder_reception_lightMaking an Appointment

Please call ahead (520) 333.2628 by at least 2 days to make an appointment for your first session – although cancellations do happen, same day appointments are not guaranteed.

Quiet time can really help your body integrate the treatment more thoroughly. Please try to schedule your initial appointment when you can rest afterwards, especially if you have not had acupuncture, Tui Na or craniosacral therapy before.

What to Wear

Comfortable, loose-fitting clothes are best, and it is very important for patients to have some food before each treatment – not just a cup of coffee for breakfast!


Please be considerate to patients who have chemical or multiple sensitivities and refrain from wearing fragrance or strongly scented products on your visits to the clinic.

Initial Session

For your first appointment, our initial session is 90 minutes long which includes consultation and treatment. We will first go through a 30-minute interview and consultation followed by the treatment itself.

pathfinder_treatment_roomWhat Treatments Entail

Sessions are private and never double-booked or triple-booked. Treatments are usually a combination of acupuncture and some form of bodywork such as Tui Na (Chinese manual therapy) or craniosacral therapy. Cupping and or Gua Sha may be included in the treatment if appropriate. Herbal prescription in the form of customized granule formula or sometimes patent tablets will be dispensed when it is helpful to support the treatment strategy.

By having an integrated treatment approach and an in-house pharmacy, patients can concentrate on recovery without the worries or hassle of managing different appointments.

Follow-up Sessions

Follow-up session varies by the complexity of the issues amongst other considerations. Since our healing and long-term well-being are deeply affected by our self-care, I also incorporate dietary, exercise, and lifestyle coaching in the treatment when patients are ready to take on more fundamental changes to improve their health. Sometimes fundamental changes can be quite small because we overlook them out of habit! Yet with wise consistency, they can knit a firm foundation for great things. Hence, patients may also be given “homework” such as nutritional and dietary advise, Qi Gong exercises, simple meditation practices, stretching poses, or journaling to help cement and further their healing process.

Being diligent in doing the “homework” and keeping an optimistic outlook can improve the prognosis favorably!

Rates and Payment

  • $135 ~ 90-minute private treatment session
  • $72 ~ 45-minute private treatment session for patients under the age of 21
  • $60 ~ Herbal Consultation; cost of herbs is between $15 to $30 per week extra
  • $40 ~ Auricular Therapy

Payments are due at the time of service. Forms of payment include cash, checks, credit/debit, Zelle, and insurance with eligibility verified.

Pathfinder Healing Practices is an In-Network Provider for UnitedHealthCare.

Cancellation Policy

Please be aware that I block out 1.5-hour for each scheduled appointment plus 30-min for cleaning and sanitation after each treatment, and I do not double-book. This is a significant commitment of my resources in order to conduct a complete and unrushed treatment session, thus providing the best care possible. It is important that when you schedule your appointment you have thoroughly checked your personal and work calendar to ensure that your scheduled date is ideal for you, and you make a commitment to attend your appointment.

Cancellation and or rescheduling with less than 48 hours advance notice will be charged the treatment fee in entirety to make up for wasted resources and lost time. The fee will be waived for true medical and or life emergencies.

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