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Some people are deterred by the out-of-pocket cost of acupuncture and maybe complementary alternative medicine in general. I will take this opportunity to share my insight and encourage you to examine it under the light and hopefully, come to a different conclusion.

ST_14How Soon Will I See a Difference?

The benefit of acupuncture is immediate. Patients often experience significant relief just after the first session – remarkable reduction in pain, less stress, restful sleep, more focus, more energy and feeling more centered.
While most people wish for a cure without change or recovery without effort, Chinese medicine is honestly a participatory medicine. Having an optimistic outlook, whether it is toward your own health or the modality of treatment that you choose, and being diligent about the “homework” that your practitioner assigned can affect your prognosis favorably!

How Many Treatments Will I Need?ST_15

Generally speaking, typical average cases can take 1-6 treatments to resolve, and more complicated issues and deep, chronic cases can take longer since we are affecting the entrenched pattern of what is familiar. Because every patient is different, treatment duration is affected by the patient’s level of health, the condition, and how well s/he responds to acupuncture and Chinese medicine.

ST_13How Often Do I Need Treatments?

Typically, patients receive one to two treatments a week when they first begin treatment, and the frequency reduces as wellness and balance are restored.

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