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Is Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine for You?

ST_6If you ever wonder if pain-killers, prednisone, steroid shots, etc. are the “right” answer to pain all the time, you might want to look into acupuncture and Chinese medicine.
If you feel that pharmaceuticals are causing other health issues such as nausea, digestive problems, weight gain, lethargy, etc., and you would like to feel better, be healthier and become less dependent on those pills and capsules, you might also want to look into acupuncture and Chinese medicine.
If you are seeking another alternative to having surgery on your knees / shoulders / back / big or small joints, I would also encourage you to look into acupuncture and Chinese medicine.
Pain is a signal that our body sends us, asking us to stop doing what we’ve been doing, and start paying attention to “it.” The same is true for other kinds of imbalance in the body, which can manifest as headaches, heartburn, irritability, insomnia, lower energy, high blood pressure, etc. Instead of covering the pain or imbalance by various means, finding out the cause, and addressing the root in context of the well-being of the whole person is a much more responsible plan of action, and invariably bear longer-lasting results.


While treating the root of the dis-ease as well as the manifestation of the imbalance, Chinese medicine seeks to restore balance and harmony within the person, and the harmony between the person and her/his environment.

If you are willing to pause, investigate how to be more at ease in your body, in your own life, and commit to make the necessary changes to live healthier, be healthier, chances are you are seeking holistic care, and you will find Chinese medicine an important missing piece in your healing journey.

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