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Since last fall, I have had the privilege to volunteer at a migrant clinic which focuses on treating TRAUMA strictly with ear acupuncture. It was absolutely a wonderful, humbling and enriching experience. Seeing how simple it can be to help people become healthier and steadier emotionally, mentally and physically made me look at ear acupuncture with fresh eyes.

My experience on myself and from working on other led me to these observations about ear acupuncture:

  • Ear acupuncture has a special affinity to the brain and the central nervous system,
  • Ear acupuncture is fast-acting,
  • Ear acupuncture calms mental and emotional stress and distress in merely minutes,
  • Ear acupuncture can provide and sustain pain relief when patients are in between treatments for specific musculoskeletal issues,
  • Ear acupuncture invariably helps people sleep better even when the treatment objective is not about sleep!

Wouldn’t all these be great for anybody who is living or struggling with the light speed modern life?!

This – Monday afternoon Ear Acupuncture Clinic – is my offering to those of you out there who would like a little help (or more) on delineating work and life, on breaking that track of obsessive thought which tends to follow you everywhere, on paying your sleep debt, on finding refuge and relief in acupuncture with other like-minded people, or who are simply curious.

I hope to see you there on Monday afternoons at the Tucson Women’s Commission building on Court and Council.

P.S. Please call ahead to reserve a spot – it will really help.

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