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Muscle and Tendon

creosoteOil2_15jun14Creosote Oil

Indications: Muscular spasms, aches or fatigue, stiffness and pain

Functions: Improve circulation, reduce swelling, cool the superficial but warm the muscle and tendon

Ingredients: Creosote (or Greasewood – the native bush that is synonymous with the desert rain), olive oil, proprietary blend of Chinese herbs

Volume and Cost: 2 fluid oz / $18

Super Power: Each bottle can be custom-finished with a blend of essential oils to specifically address a patient’s condition.

No two superheros are alike!

How Can I Buy Your Products?

Please call (520) 333.2628 or email me to let me know what you need, and we will arrange a time for you to pick up your order at my clinic.

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