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Random Acts of Kindness Clinic

Something that I’ve always wanted to do, and let’s see how the community will receive this offering..

    When: Once a month, starting in June 2014, on these Saturdays June 14, July 12, August 9
    What: Receive a complete New Patient Treatment or follow-up treatment by a very good licensed acupuncturist for a sliding scale of $20 to $60

The New Patient Treatment is a 90-minute session with intake, consultation and treatment. Like the name suggests, it’s for New Recruits.
The Follow-up treatment is a 45 to 60-minute session with intake and treatment. You’ll receive the follow-up treatment after the New Patient treatment once you decide to continue because Chinese medicine is helping you become healthier.

    Who: For folks who are open to complementary medicine, want to receive holistic care to improve their health, but cannot afford the regular fees, or do not think that they can afford it. This is a chance for you to pay what you can afford and decide what this care is worth to you.
    What’s the catch?: There is a pay-it-forward policy. Put it simply, you’ll think of one thing that you will do to better this community, and do it in the following week with all your heart and full attention and without expectation to be rewarded. For instance, instead of stepping over that piece of trash that someone dropped on the sidewalk, pick it up and put it in the trash can. Another example, turn down the volume of your TV or music after 9P.M. because the family living next door have to get up at 5A.M. for their long day ahead. Get the gist?
    Ok, I want to try this. What do I do next?: Call the clinic (520) 333-2628 to get a slot, then show up at your appointed time with a clean bed sheet and your last paycheck stub or your last tax return.

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